Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Rumors, Release Date and Things to Believe

We remember that Note 3 which is a successful device in the market was launched in September, 2013. Samsung Galaxy Gear is one of the best features which are launched with this device. It amazed fans and provided them a reason to buy this device. After breaking the sales records, now people have started moving towards the launch of new device in this series which will be Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Fans are searching for this device on web with high curiosity but they should know that Samsung has not yet announced any official for this device. Whatever you are getting on web related to this device on web are just imaginations of the bloggers and concept makers. They are just collecting the data from fans expectations and rewriting them to make happy. But still this topic is worth discussion.

There are many questions popping up in your mind regarding this device. Let’s target those questions only. First we should go through the technical enhancement which will be seen in this device.

Technical Enhancement in Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 Image

  • If we talk about the camera specifications, what you need in a device? Best front camera to capture your own images and calling purpose. Yes, this feature will be there in Note 4. It will feature front camera of 5 MP and primary camera of 20.7 MP with OIS Sensor.
  • People criticized Galaxy S4 for its plastic body as it looks cheap. This time Samsung is preparing to launch this device with metal body. Metal body looks cool and it is on popular demand by the users.
  • What you will say about 5.7 inches of QHD display screen. This will add the quality spice in your life.
  • You must be thinking why I am not talking about its RAM and on board storage memory. With time this is the first thing to be considered for enhancement. This device will be carrying 4 GB RAM and 128 GB on board storage memory.
  • Even it will have big battery to light up your device for complete day fulfilling your all needs. It will have 3600 mAh standard battery.

What are useless rumors for Note 4?

  • The first one which we will consider here is 3 Sided display. Do you think there is any need for this kind of feature? And people have started believing on this rumor. But nothing can be confirmed until you get any official confirmation from Samsung.

Also, Samsung will not provide this new feature to their well known series. They can launch a new series providing this feature to check interest of market in it.

  • Lollipop – Ops! We mean here by Android next version which is also a rumor. So it can’t be said that this device will feature the next version of Android.

What would be the release date of Galaxy Note 4?

Samsung galaxy Note 4

We have always seen that Samsung has launched devices in this series either in August or September. Let’s recall the release date of previous device in this series.

  • First device- N7000 Galaxy Note was released in September, 2011.
  • Second device- N7100 Note 2 was released in August, 2012.
  • Third device- Galaxy Note 3 was launched in September, 2013.

It can be seen that Samsung is only interested to launch the device in this series either in August or September. Most probably they will launch the device in August, 2014. This means you will start getting official news for device at the end of May.

What would be the approximate price of Note 4?

Price is directly proportional to the features of the device. It is for sure that the price will be between $750 to $850.

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